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The vast majority of foodborne illnesses go unreported in the United States. This is why many states and local health agencies recommend reporting foodborne illness and related issues. Reporting foodborne illnesses does not only put these agencies on notice. It also helps them detect potential outbreaks, advise companies to recall contaminated products, and develop methods of advanced notice or prevention of future outbreaks. Not sure where to start? The process is simple:

  1. You can see your physician to obtain necessary testing for a diagnosis. This is helpful to find out what bacteria or virus made you sick and to obtain the medical care you need to get better.
  2. Next, you can encourage your physician to report your illness to your local health agency, or you can even report your illness yourself.

We at Unsafe Foods have prepared an extensive list of state and local health agencies to assist you in reporting foodborne illness. The links below not only provide the website with contact information for these agencies, but will also provide additional information concerning foodborne illness and how reports are investigated. We hope you feel better soon.


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