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Alice Vo Edwards has published multiple books and articles, notably two books on dealing with loss and depression: My Best Friend Died, and Put Away The Razor. She is passionate about helping people live happier and more fulfilled lives. Her focus is on researching the intersection of people’s level of happiness, their sense of self-control, life goals, and understanding of and management of finances.

She has started a grass-roots happiness project called Lift Up Vegas (LUV) where she is working on a happiness initiative survey in the greater Las Vegas valley.

An avid entrepreneur, she has helped incubate many web development projects through the company she co-founded, MassInflux, including MyCheerleader.net, a personal platform for positive affirmations. She personally helps clients through her company SirenData, where she provides data-driven personal life coaching, business professional strategic coaching, and financial management. SirenData enables the world to use data to make better decisions and helps people live happier lives, at work, and at home.

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