Public health investigators from King County and the City of Seattle are investigating a string of Salmonella illnesses going back over a year.  A rare strain of Salmonella, with the odd name “I,4,[5], 12:i:-” (many of the 2200 or more strains have some more memorable names, such as Salmonella Montevideo, Salmonella Heidelberg, or Salmonella Typhi), has sickened 7 people since August 28, 2017.  In short, these salmonella illnesses share the same DNA indicating a common source.  BUt so far, no common source has been identified other that the location, which is the service deli at the COSTCO in Issaquah.  The service deli makes many ready-to-eat products, such as cooked rotisserie chicken, prepared pork ribs, numerous types of sandwiches, a series of wraps, as well as traditional side dishes like macaroni and cheese, and seafood such as poke, flavored cold-eat shrimp, and shrimp cocktails.   The COSTCO has been ordered closed and been directed to perform good deep cleaning and to sanitize all surfaces and food preparation areas, and been given 14 days to take all corrective actions before a follow-up inspection wold take place.  The closure was on September 19th, and the service deli is now open to the public again.  To speak to a Costco Salmonella Food poisoning lawyer about a potential food poisoning lawsuit, call 1-866-517-9520.