By Cyclospora Lawyer Alex Barlow:

Cyclospora is a parasite that is imported on fruits and vegetables from tropical or semitropical environments.  It often comes on lettuce, parsley, cilantro, or other hard to clean vegetables.  The parasite, once ingested, can cause vomiting, explosive diarrhea, gas, bloating, nausea, headaches (even migraines) and severe abdominal cramping.  As present, there are two major Cyclospora outbreaks in the Midwest, including the Del Monte veggie trays sold at  numerous locations, including Kwik Stop locations, and the McDonald’s salad outbreak.  McDonald’s salads are now liked to over 250 illnesses and the number continues to climb!  So far, there have been at least 6 Cyclospora lawsuits filed in these outbreaks, and many more are expected.  What are the requirements for filing a Cyclospora lawsuit or making a Cyclospora claim?  The most important thing is a positive Cyclospora test.  A Cyclospora screen that looks for the oocysts of the parasite.  A traditional ova/parasite screen will not likely pick up the presence of Cyclospora ad it may require multiple tests to do so.  Next, a person need sot put together proof of purchase or exposure.  This is often done by providing receipts or a bank statement showing that a person consumed a salad at McDonald’s or ate the Del Monte veggie trays from a Kwik Trip/Kwik Stop location.  So far, many of the victims in this Cyclospora outbreak will be filing Cyclospora lawsuits or claims based upon a sworn affidavit because they paid cash – that is one of the common elements in food consumption at McDonald’s and Kwik Trip locations.  Many victims paid cash.  As a Cyclospora lawyer, the lack of proof of exposure will be important but not insurmountable ads most juries will understand that people pay cask at these locations commonly, and that the parasite is not common to the Midwest.  Proof o f exposure needs only be more likely than not, and that should be easily established.  Finally, once a victim has a positive Cyclospora test result and has investigated their proof of exposure, hiring an experienced Cyclospora lawyer is vital.  A lawyer who understands that these cases will involve an international stream of commerce, implicate corporations in multiple states and possibly countries, and the science of Cyclospora infections is vital.  To speak to a Cyclospora lawyer or to ask questions about a Cyclospora lawsuit, or to speak generally to a food poisoning lawyer, call 1 (855) 969-5637.