Numerous Food Poisoning Lawsuits Filed this 2018 Summer — For Information call 1 (855) 969-5637

The number of major outbreaks this summer is close to setting a record for major outbreaks – both in number and in terms of the pathogens.  There have been two major E. coli outbreaks. including the Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak that has sickened people in 35 states. With more than 200 confirmed cases, 89 were hospitalized, the lettuce was produced in Yuma, Arizona in what is a $17 billion industry employing 77,000.  By contrast, another outbreak was much more regional, but sickened over 100.  The Viejo Mexican restaurant in North Carolina is a restaurant-based outbreak affecting only one of the eight Mi Carreta family restaurants.

This summer also saw a spat of Salmonella outbreaks, including food giant Kellogg’s that was forced to recall Honey Smacks cereal – linked to well over one hundred injuries.  In addition to the Kellogg’s Salmonella outbreak, also being recalled are pre-cut melons sold a such outlets as Kroger ad Wal-Mart, also for a salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 70 in seven states – including most recently Tennessee and Kentucky.  To add to these, a Rose Acre egg recall was also initiated due to salmonella.

But the outbreaks are not just bacterial (Salmonella and E. coli) – Cyclospora, a parasite that usually comes from tropical exposure.  The Cyclospora outbreak hit many states in the Midwest after Del Monte veggie trays, sold mostly at Kwik Stop/Kwik Star locations, but also a number of other retailers, was linked to a large outbreak of this horrific parasite. People who get Cyclospora develop a difficult to diagnos case of gastrointestinal illness that leads to massive diarrhea, bloating, gas, and weight loss.  The condition is easy to treat with Bactrim, but because it is seldom diagnosed properly (a specific stool evaluation is required for Cyclospora), most go untreated for a month or more.

Each of these outbreaks has led to a number of food poisoning lawsuits – salmonella lawsuits – e. coli lawsuits  Cyclospora lawsuits. These food poisoning lawsuits seek to recover for the damages caused the victims, but also to force these food producers to implement or enforce good manufacturing practices (GMPs),