Kellogg’s Honey Smack Cereal Linked to Massive Salmonella Mbandaka Outbreak: Kellogg’s Salmonella Lawsuits Filed Today

Salmonella lawyers have filed the first two (of what will likely be a large number) of Kellogg’s Brand Honey Smacks Salmonella lawsuits in the aftermath of a national outbreak of Salmonella Mbandaka.  At least 78 victims have been identified in 31 states, but this is likely to grow much larger and be even more widely spread out across the nation.  Experts believe that for every one identified victims there could be many hundreds  more. That is why, according to Salmonella Lawyer Alex Barlow, “it is imperative that you be tested.  When you seek medical attention, make sure to provide a stool sample for culturing.  Salmonella is found by performing a stool culture in most cases, and with a blood culture in a small portion of the serious cases where sepsis has developed.”

The FDA and CDC have not yet determined how the Honey Smacks cereal was contaminated with Salmonella Mbandaka, but they continue to investigate and are conducting an investigation of Kellogg’s facilities.

While New York has a reported 7 cases, no other state has more than 5, and most have only one or two confirmed cases. While no cased have been reported in other countries such as Mexico, Canada, or those in Central America,  some reports indicate the same tainted Honey Smacks was distributed in those nations as well.

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