Cyclospora is a Nasty Parasite that infects the gastrointestinal tract of humans ans can cause illness for many weeks or even a couple of months.  It causes extreme nausea, diarrhea, gas and bloating, and is immune to most traditional treatments for gastroenteritis.  It is often misdiagnosed since Cyclospora does not show up in a stool culture (it is not a bacteria) and not even a traditional ova and parasite test – a specific screen for Cyclospora is required.  Amazingly, it is easy to cure, with a sulfate antibiotic like Bactrim – we recommend you seek medical treatment and do a Cyclospora screen and discuss with a medical professional if you should get a prescription of Bactrim.

So far, only 78 of the victims have been identified through a positive stool specimen screen at a laboratory, but many more are expected as physicians and other medical professionals become aware of a Cyclospora outbreak in the Midwest.  Traditionally the Midwest has a low occurrence of Cyclospora, and hence it is not something most physicians are looking for or routinely screening patients for.

The product is the Del Monte Fresh Vegetable trays, usually sold as 6 ounce snacks for those seeking to eat a little healthier. They are sold at Kwik Trip stores and quite popular.  If you purchased any of the Del Monte Fresh Vegetable Trays, do not eat them and (after you have been symptom free for a week or so) return them for your money back.  If you become ill you may want t retain the product for testing, but be aware it must be held separately form other food and not eaten or handled as Cyclospora is very contagious.

For more information about the Cyclospora Del Monte Fresh Vegetable tray recall, call the Cyclospora lawyers at 1-866-517-9520.

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