By: James Peacock

Late last week, we reported that milk contamination in bread crumbs had caused three separate recalls. At the time, it was not known for sure whether the recalls were connected.  As it would turn out, over the weekend, not only are the recalls connected, but also they were not the only recalls to be connected to contaminated bread crumbs. The bread crumbs that caused these recalls have since been identified as being produced by Newly Weds Foods. Including those first three recalls, there have now been 14 recalls issued because of bread crumbs being contaminated with undeclared milk. This series of recalls has led to the removal of more than 3,000,000 pounds of food. The eleven new recalls have been listed below and sorted based on what types of products have been recalled. Most of the recalls hit throughout the day on June 9, 2016, with more occurring on June 10, June 12, and June 13, 2017.


On June 9, Slade Gorton, a company based in Boston, Massachusetts, issued a recall for three varieties of tilapia products. Gourmet Bay Toasted Crumb Tilapia, with a product code of 7396701, was recalled. In addition, Gourmet Bay Honey Mustard Tilapia, labeled with a product code of 7324801, was recalled. Lastly, Gourmet Bay Citrus Coconut Tilapia, with a product code of 7322401, was recalled. The recalled tilapia products were produced between January 31 and June 6, 2017, and was distributed to Harris Teeter, The Fish Guys, Supervalu, Cantanese Classic Seafoods, Euro USA, Bfresh, Porky Products, and Superior Fish Company in states in the Midwest and on the East coast. There have been no illnesses connected to this recall.

Just three days later, on June 12, Giant Eagle, Inc. announced that they were recalling three different products – two varieties of tilapia and one chicken breast product. This recall occurred because two suppliers for Giant Eagle: Slade Gorton and Gourmet Boutique, issued their own recalls. Consumers who purchased any recalled products should return them to Giant Eagle or Market District for a refund or dispose of them to prevent any reactions. The recalled products are depicted in the table below. No adverse reactions have been reported in relation to this recall.

Product Name PLU code Store Department Dates Available for purchase
Market District Toasted Crumb Tilapia 09123 Seafood March 10 – June 9
Giant Eagle Toasted Crumb Tilapia 69123 Seafood March 10 – June 9
Giant Eagle Breaded Chicken Breast 86571 Prepared Foods June 3 – June 10


                In one of the largest recalls from this milk contamination, Tyson Foods recalled almost 2.5 million pounds of breaded chicken products. The New Holland, Pennsylvania establishment issued the recall on June 9, after they were alerted to the potential milk contamination. The products affected by the recall are named in the table below. These breaded chicken products were packaged between August 17, 2016 and January 14, 2017. The recalled products can be identified by, in addition to the case code, the establishment number P-1325 inside the USDA mark of inspection. Recalled chicken has been distributed nationwide, and there have been no adverse reactions to the products.

Product Name Size Case Code Production Dates
Tyson Fully Cooked, Whole Grain Strip-Shaped Chicken Pattie Fritters-CN 31.86 pounds 003859-0928 09/09/2016
Tyson Fully Cooked, Whole Grain Chicken Pattie Fritters-CN 31.05 pounds 0003857-0928 11/12/2016
Tyson Fully Cooked, Whole Grain Breaded Chicken Patties-CN 30.6 pounds 016477-0928 09/10/2016
Tyson Fully Cooked, Whole Grain Chunk-Shaped Breaded Chicken Patties-CN 30.6 pounds 016478-0928 09/16/2016
Tyson Fully Cooked, Breaded Chicken Patties-CN 20 pounds 005778-0928 09/14/2016
Tyson Fully Cooked, Whole Grain Golden Crispy Chicken Chunk Fritters-CN Chunk-Shaped Chicken Pattie Fritters 32.81 pounds 070364-0928 08/17/2016
Spare Time, Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Patties 20 pounds 005778-0861 10/03/2016
Spare Time, Fully Cooked Chicken Pattie Fritters 20 pounds 016477-0861 09/16/2016

A Portland, Maine company, Advance Pierre Foods, issued a recall close to 55,000 pounds of chicken products. The recalled products were produced between February 14 and May 24, 2017. Advance Pierre Foods was notified of the potential milk contamination on June 6, when they received a letter from their supplier explaining the situation. The recalled chicken products were distributed to food service locations in California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, New York, and Ohio. All recalled products are labeled with a USDA mark of inspection, with the establishment number P-276 inside it. The recalled products are listed in the table below. There have not been any illnesses connected to the recall, and consumers are advised to either dispose of any recalled products or return them to the store for a refund.

Product Name Size Lot codes
Chicken Tenders Sea Salt and Ground Pepper 10 pounds 0971114002
Chicken Tenders Sea Salt and Ground Pepper 12 pound cases containing 3 pound bags of chicken 0970451101
Premium Entrée Traditional Sage Raw Breaded Dark Meat Chicken with Homestyle Stuffing 9 pounds 0971401101

Gourmet Boutique issued a recall on June 9 for chicken products that were sold across the nation. More than 290,000 pounds of chicken were recalled because of more potential milk contamination. There were three different products recalled. Three pound bags of breaded cutlets were recalled, including lot codes between J34 and J150 or J53 through J153. All natural breaded chicken cutlets, packaged in 3-pound packages and labeled with lot codes between J34 and J150, are also being recalled. Lastly, the recall includes 5 pound frozen packages of diced breaded chicken cutlets with lot codes between J34 and J150. There are two different establishment numbers in use, P-18799 and P-32107. The establishment number P-32107 only applies to the three-pound bags of breaded cutlets. No illnesses have been reported in relation to this recall.

Chicken salad products are also being affected by the growing list of milk related recalls. More than 9500 pounds of products were recalled by Packer Avenue Foods because of the contamination. The recalled salads were produced between May 17 and May 26, 2017. Two different varieties of chicken salad were recalled, including “Main Street Brand Chicken Salad with White Meat Chicken” and “Packer Avenue Foods Chicken Salad with White Meat Chicken”. The “Use By” dates affected by the recall can be found here. The affected items were shipped to Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. The establishment number P-19977 can be found inside the mark of inspection. There have not been any adverse reactions in connection with this recall.

A couple of the recalls connected to the milk contaminated bread crumbs were from Canada. On June 13, 2017, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced that a recall was being issued by Les Aliments Excel S.E.C. because the La Cage brand chicken bites produced by the company had the potential to be contaminated with undeclared milk. The chicken bites were sold in 550 gram boxes, and labeled with the UPC code 8 50715 00022 8. A variety of codes can also be found on the product, including 18530 17-041, 18530 17-062, 18530 17-076, 18530 17-090, and 18530 17-131. Products were distributed in Quebec, and the CFIA is continuing to make sure that all recalled products are removed from store shelves. No illnesses have been connected to the recall.

Both poultry and beef products were recalled by Golden Platter Foods Inc. on June 14. The recall affected more than 31,000 pounds of product. Like the other recalls, the potential milk contamination was discovered when the company received a letter from their bread crumb supplier. A full list of recalled products can be found here. The items were produced on days ranging from March 16 to June 7, 2017, and were distributed to retail and institutional locations across Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Consumers should either throw the products away or take them to back to the store for a refund. Recalled poultry and beef products have been marked with an establishment number EST. 8813. This number can be found inside the USDA mark of inspection. No illnesses have been connected to this recall.  Food Poisoning Lawsuit  Salmonella lawsuit  Ecoli Lawsuit


Four recalls have been issued that deal with meat products, such as pork and beef. Three of these recalls were issued on June 9. Conagra Bands Inc. issued a recall on that day for spaghetti and meatball products. Over 717,000 pounds of products were recalled due to the potential milk contamination. Several different brand names are being affected by this recall, including Food Club, Hannaford, Libby’s, and Chef Boyardee, among others. A full list of recalls products can be found here. The various spaghetti and meatball products were produced on two days: January 5, 2017 and January 12, 2017. Recalled products will have the establishment number EST. 794M inside the USDA mark of inspection. Retail locations and distributors across the nation received these products. No adverse reactions have been reported, but consumers should check their pantries for potentially recalled products and either return them or dispose of them.

In the other recall issued in Canada, Fresh Selections Inc. also recalled spaghetti and meatball products. They were distributed to retail stores across Canada. There is only one specific product under recall – Fresh Selections brand Meatballs & Spaghetti. These products were packaged in 1 kilogram trays and can be identified by the UPC code 7 78809 34615 4. Affected products will also be marked with one of two “Best Before” dates: 2017 JN09 or 2017 JN16. The CFIA has warned consumers that those with milk allergies could potentially have a serious allergic reaction if the products are consumed. No allergic reactions have been reported in relation to these products, though.

Raw pork sausage links were recalled by Pork King Sausage, Inc. on June 9, also due to potential milk contamination. The affected products were produced between February 16 and June 2, 2017. Two different products are included in this recall: British Style Bangers and Pork King Irish Style Bangers. The British Style Bangers were shipped in 10-pound boxes and labeled with the lot code 03143. Five-pound boxes of the Irish Style Bangers were also recalled, including lot codes 2153, 2146, 2139, 3138, 3103, 1076, 2076, 1069, 2069, 3067, 1062, 2062, 3061, 1055, 2055, 1047, 2047, and 3047. Products connected to the recall also bear the establishment number Est. 4396 inside the USDA mark of inspection. Recalled sausage products were shipped to Virginia, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. There have not been any confirmed reports of adverse reaction linked to this recall.

Lastly, a recall was issued on June 13 for about 114,000 pounds of beef ravioli products. Joseph Seviroli Inc., the company who issued the recall, was first alerted to the need for a recall after they received a letter from their supplier regarding the potential milk contamination. The ravioli items subject to recall were produced between January 9 and May 10, 2017. All of the affected products are shown in the table below. Distribution centers in Rhode Island, Ohio, Missouri, and New Jersey have all been reported as places where the recalled products were shipped. Recalled products will have the establishment number EST. 5342 inside the USDA mark of inspection. No adverse reactions have been reported at this point.

Product Name Size Lot Code Sell By Date or Package Code
Lowes Foods Beef Ravioli Square Shaped 25 ounces 7040 2/9/2018
Big Y Square Beef Ravioli 30 ounces 7009 1/9/18
7130 5/10/2018
Seviroli Beef Ravioli 30 ounces 7041 2/10/18
7042 2/11/18
7107 4/17/18
7109 4/19/18
7118 4/28/17
7130 5/10/18
7079 3/20/18
Best Yet Beef Ravioli 24 ounces 7065 3/6/18
Sev Mini Hex Ravioli Par-Cooked 20 pound bulk bag 7034 7034
7065 7065
7100 7100
V’s Pre-Cooked Square Beef Ravioli 20 ounces 7034 2/3/18
7040 2/9/18
7065 3/6/18
7100 4/10/18


Allergens pose just as much risk as foodborne illnesses, but are quite different. Rather than causing a bout of illness, allergens trigger an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction can occur when someone who is allergic to an item is exposed to it. Allergies can be caused by anything from animals and dust to food and medicine. There is a myriad of foods that can cause an allergic reaction. Health officials often classify the “Big 8” allergens as: eggs, fish, milk, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and wheat. The severity of the reaction will also depend on the person, as effects can range from a rash to deadly pulmonary issues. Common symptoms of an allergic reaction include: itchiness, cramps, shortness of breath, and difficulty swallowing. Allergic reactions will, depending on the severity, sometimes develop into Anaphylaxis, which is potentially life threatening. Many people with severe allergies may carry an Epi-pen with them. This concentrated shot of epinephrine will help counteract some of the symptoms, but it is only temporary. If an Epi-pen is needed, the next thing to do is to get the affected person to a hospital immediately. Instructions for how to use an Epi-pen can be found here.

If you or a loved one appears to be suffering from an allergic reaction, it is important to get them medical help as soon as possible.